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Mary Jefferson

Categories: Marketing
Make It Count Marketing
Work 9 East 2nd Street Frederick MD 21701 Cell Phone: 301-467-2501 Website:
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  • We help companies solve the problem of where the next client will come from.
  • We create sales leads that will fuel your business regularly – keeping a constant revenue stream.
  • What is your need? A redesign of your website? Help with social media? Constructing a good email campaign Managing your marketing efforts? Need a business Facebook Page? Or a nicely designed Blog?
  • Make It Count Marketing can help your company develop unique solutions that not only appeal to customers and bring prospects in the door, but excite colleagues to sell the product.


Make It Count Marketing believes that if you are going to market your business, you should make those marketing dollars count toward your bottom line. We also have experience in current marketing technologies, such as search engine marketing, cloud computing and social networking – and specifically how companies can use these technologies to positively impact their bottom-line if used correctly.

Specialties: Communications, web development, social networking, inbound marketing, blogging, public relations, internet marketing, organization adoption communications, research, sales and business development.